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Through our affiliates we can help you with holiday planning advice, book excursions on your behalf and also advise on the best deals for car hire. We recommend you visit Tenerife Renta Car, for competitive car hire rental.

Places To Visit

Tenerife has a multitude of excursions and places to visit. We have listed a few below to help you decide what you would like to do when you are here.


This picturesque village is located at the edge of an impressive steep coast and is also famous for its excellent red wines.


Is a well known place of pilgrimage, where you will find the church consecrated to the island's patroness, Basílica de la Virgen de la Candelaria.

La Orotava

Is an extraordinarily nice town with manorial houses in the island's traditional style. Particularly well-known are the Casas de los Balcones, 17th. century buildings with  typical balconies of Canarian pine-wood. The best time to visit Orotava is during the celebrations of Corpus Christi, when the streets are covered with earths of six different colors which are found in the surrounding area and ornamented with innumerable flowers.


Is located in a valley, and is surrounded with breathtaking canyons and large plantations of bananas. Here we find the Ethnographic Park Pyramids of Güímar a complex of six step-pyramids which are oriented astronomically to the summer and winter solstices. The pyramids were discovered in 1987 and show great resemblance to those found in Egypt's ancient Mesopotamia, Peru and Mexico.

The origins of the pyramids are still uncertain and subject to discussion among archeologists. In the opinion of the great explorer and anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl, who was involved in the early researches, they may have been constructed by voyagers who sailed the Atlantic in ancient times and possibly may have established a link with the pre-Columbian civilizations of Central and South America.

Bus Excursions

  • Teide full day trip
  • Teide half day trip
  • Teide - Icod- Guarachico - Masca
  • Teide - Cañadas
  • Ruta del Vino (Wine tasting tour)
  • La Gomera island tour
  • Puerto de la Cruz
  • Teide by night
  • Santa Cruz - Tagonana

Water Sport Excursions

  • Mustcat Catermaran
  • Snorkling Safari
  • Jetski Safari
  • Scuba diving
  • Buggy safari
  • Whale and dolphin watching

Motor Sport Excursions

  • Quad bike Safari
  • Buggy Safari
  • Go karting

Santa Cruz Open Top Bus

The travel times are daily available from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm on every day of the year.A whole round trip takes about 45 minutes if you stay the whole time in the bus. There are 14 stops in the city. Some of them are;

Plaza de España, Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa, the port (important for tourists who want to go further by boat), Cuartel de Almeida (with the Tiger Cannon), Parque García Sanabria, Las Ramblas, Plaza Pedro Shwartz (better known as Plaza Militar), Auditorio Adan Martin, Corte Inglés (shopping center), and finally the stop for buses and trams.