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About the castle and the show

The San Miguel Castle is an impressive construction of  6,000 square metres and made of Canarian canto stone, with principal towers of more than 16 metres in height and an extensive area of 20,000 square metres.

During the Tournament, you will be served the banquet just as it was done in medieval times; The soup is drunk and an entire chicken per person with its garnish  is eaten by hand. The dinner is completed with dessert and beverages.

The Count´s guests are seated in stands of long tables and benches where the visibility is optimal from anywhere in the Tournament Hall. The  sand arena where the horses and knights  will perform is of 50 metres long. The Hall has a capacity of  1100 guests. Usually after the Tournaments, the guests move to a second hall which has a capacity for 800 guests. 

What's Inluded

  • Pick up and drop available from anywhere in south Tenerife
  • Entrance to the castle
  • Medievil style banquest
  • Free wine
  • Medievil jousting and fighting spectacular

Medieval Menu

  • Vegetable Purée
  • Whole chicken and potatoes cooked in the oven with mojo sauce with oven baked potato
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • White and Red table wines (during the dinner)
  • Mineral water and Fizzy Orange 

When It's On

  • Tuesdays - Thursday - Saurdays
  • 20:00 to 23:00


  • Tel: 922 70 02 76 or 922 37 48 11
  • Fax: 922 70 05 85

  • E-Mail: info@radeza.com